Drilon is the CEO & founder of Flash Express. Many years ago Drilon set on a journey to build the most customer-centric same day courier in Calgary. Today, all employees follow this mindset that Drilon instilled in the company in the early days. That mindset is applied to every big or small client. In his free time, Drilon likes to blog on everything that has to do with delivery, boating, hiking and spending time with his family.

young man carrying a package with gloves and mask on

1on1 White Glove Delivery: Cost & Features

In this fast-paced world, white-glove service has become immensely popular in the field of transportation and logistics because of its speed and convenience. The concept of “white glove” came from the white gloves worn by a butler or luxury store personnel who provides special treatment, care, or attention to the customers and clients. White glove …

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one hand holding a green sign: do's and one hand holding a red sign: don'ts

What to do or Not, When Using a Courier Service

Modern courier services have gone a long way in helping both businesses and customers alike get their packages to their destinations as efficiently as possible. Whether you use courier delivery services for professional or personal use, there is no denying how useful these can be when you need them urgently. However, if you want to …

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Why Customer Service Matters?

As a business, one of the most important things that you should never overlook is the way that you interact with your customers. In fact, if you want your business to have a chance at succeeding in today’s modern age, then you should make sure to take a look at things from the eyes of …

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a women opening a damaged package

How To Pack Fragile Items Before Using Courier Services

Are you hesitant to use same-day courier services because the items you need to send are fragile or breakable? How to pack fragile items for shipping is a very common dilemma for many because they are unsure whether they would arrive intact. You can prevent breakage in transit and the secret lies in the packing.Send …

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Why Local Courier Companies Are More Reliable?

Next-day delivery – This is the value-added service that many businesses have successfully added to expand their market reach and boost sales. Many local businesses have often asked themselves – Is it better to engage the services of a local courier company? Or shall we go for the bigger, multi-region delivery services? Whether you are …

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