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How To Pack Fragile Items Before Using Courier Services

Are you hesitant to use same-day courier services because the items you need to send are fragile or breakable? How to pack fragile items for shipping is a very common dilemma for many because they are unsure whether they would arrive intact. You can prevent breakage in transit and the secret lies in the packing.

Send your fragile items through same day courier services with confidence by following these tips for packing glass and other breakable items for shipping.

The Goal in Packing Breakable Items

Let’s be clear on what we want to achieve in parceling fragile items before going through some wrapping and boxing steps. The ultimate goal in packing glass or other delicate items is to restrict product movement. The keyword here is ‘cushioning’. This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to stuff wads of paper and bubble wrap. Here are the best tips in packing fragile items for shipping.

How To Pack Fragile Items for Shipping?

Prepare Your Packaging Materials

What kind of box do I need for packing glass and other breakables for shipping?

  • Always choose a sturdy box that is only slightly larger than your item. Boxes that are too big will make it slip, shake, and slide in the box during delivery which may lead to breakage.
  • If you are shipping more than one item, consider packing them in individual boxes if necessary. Even when properly cushioned, glass pieces with delicate appendages like those found in figurines can break in transit. You may want a solid box to protect the parts from grating and having weight or pressure borne directly on them.
  • Don’t compromise box sturdiness – it must be thick and strong. If you are recycling a box, make sure to check for weak spots and possible moisture spots that may give during the delivery process.

What else will I need to cushion fragile items while boxed?

  • Be ready with the proper dunnage for the job. Dunnage is courier-speak for the durable padding material used to cushion fragile goods. They can be packing peanuts, bubble wrap, craft paper, newspaper, and other material that can absorb shock for your breakables. If you are trying to estimate how much dunnage you need, a good approximation is you will not need more than the size of the box you have for the courier.
  • You also need packaging tape wide enough to secure your main package and a broad pen or stickers to make clear and visible labels. You may need slim tape to secure individual boxes inside your main box.

Pack with Care

1. Wrap your items in craft paper as the first layer of protection. If it comes in parts, you may need to remove sections and individually wrap them. If you don’t have craft paper or packaging paper, old newspapers will do the trick. Make sure to wrap carefully yet tightly. You can do two layers to secure your breakable item firmly at the core.

Don’t just crumple the paper over the product. Make sure there is a clear and visible edge so that unwrapping won’t be a problem. Don’t secure your paper wrapping with heavy tape or glue either. We don’t want to have a perfectly shipped item only to break in the unwrapping process.

2. Support your item with dunnage. A layer of bubble wrap is very helpful in keeping items safe while in the package. Make sure your bubble wrap is twice the size of the item and it is a whole sheet. If you are utilizing two smaller sheets of bubble wrap, secure the sheets with tape in the middle before wrapping your item so your receiver won’t accidentally drop them when unpacking.

3. Secure your wrapped item in the individual box or main box using packing peanuts or rolled paper balls. Fill the empty spaces and check by gently shaking your package until it is perfectly cushioned.

Seal with Zeal

  1. Before closing your box, make sure that the dunnage doesn’t overflow from the top rim. Remove any excess and make sure that your item is safe in the most central position within the main package.
  2. Test and reshake gently to make sure that things are snug and shake-free. Seal with packaging tape that’s strong and wide enough. Tape across in an H-form for perfect sealing. Support your package with packing straps or bands if needed.

Label Properly

Can we write fragile on a package even if we declare the contents? Yes, you must!

Same day couriers are known for their efficiency and speed in delivery and this doesn’t mean that they will mistreat your package. Once it is marked “Fragile” your delivery guy will be reminded to take extra care and get it safely to your receiver. It is also important to state that you are shipping breakables when booking for pick-up so the appropriate measures can be taken.

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Same-Day Local Couriers are the Best Choice for Shipping Fragile Items

Big shipping companies tend to have loads of items shipped daily and these get tossed onto trucks, conveyors and piles. If you are shipping fragile items to a friend or engaged in e-commerce that sells glass and breakable products, your local same-day courier is a better choice. It takes the shortest route from pickup to delivery – meaning there’s less time in transit for damage to occur. Delivery personnel also do more personalized services and take more care in handling and delivering fragile items.