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Calgary’s experienced and most reliable courier service! Our services include same day delivery of items ranging from letters, small packages, and heavyweight shipments within Calgary and surrounding areas. Let us impress you!

You need a Reliable, Fast & Dependable Delivery Company

Flash Express is a local Calgary courier company, ensuring a high quality reliable delivery at reasonable low cost price for Calgary & surrounding areas.

We offer all kinds of services, from one hour to all day deliveries. Our company is committed to the highest level and best quality delivery service, exceeding expectation. Flash Express guarantees customer satisfaction.

With the hectic modern lifestyle we’re leading in recent years, it is no exaggeration to say that time is the most valuable resource.

And with the immense demand for time-consuming and money draining tasks like transportation of goods, a service that saves you time and effort on your e-commerce or distribution business is an opportunity not to dismiss.

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What We Do

(4 Reasons) Why You Should Choose Our Same Day Courier Service?

We like to meet every customer’s expectations and, if possible, exceed them. To achieve this, every day that we offer our Courier Service Calgary, we aim to meet and strengthen these values:

Always Fast!


If a same-day courier service does not meet its objective of being faster than conventional services, it makes no sense. We have several means of transport in perfect condition, which are regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance. We also use innovative software GPS tools to know the most convenient routes to send a package to its destination in record time.

Extra Safe & Cautious


It’s no use being the fastest if the contents of your package are compromised.

Under no circumstances do we lose sight of your package or ignore the measures that must be taken to ensure that the contents arrive safe and sound at your home or office door.

Organization & Control


In our industry, organization is paramount. We have designed a plan of action to fulfill all of our orders efficiently within the estimated schedule. You will never wait longer than promised, and our employees will never work overtime.


Our drivers and couriers have been selected for their enthusiasm and commitment to the company. When you hire our local courier service, we make sure to provide you with the best care throughout the process. In situations where sending and receiving packages is stressful, our friendly and patient team makes the difference.

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We are here to make your deliveries a lot easier.

We are one of Calgary’s most respected citywide courier companies.

Who is Flash Express?

Our years of experience and values, coupled with our team’s commitment, make us one of the fastest, liability insured, most efficient, responsible, and safest courier services. Since we began offering our delivery service in Calgary, we have established solid principles that have made it a priority to enhance your courier experience to the maximum.

We understand your needs as a consumer and the concerns that arise when hiring a home delivery service. For this reason, we focus on building confidence in every order, ensuring that your package arrives safe and sound regardless of its contents. For us, the most critical thing is that you receive your package in perfect condition and in the shortest possible time.

The best same day delivery courier service in Calgary. The whole team is very professional and the delivery is always on time. I will definitely recommend Flash Express for your day to day delivery service.
"Flash Express is the best delivery company I have dealt with in my 21 years of pharmacy experience. They are professional and reliable and go above and beyond for us as their client and for our patients as well. Would highly recommend using their services!"

"I just love these guys!"

I’ve been using Flash Express for the last two years and would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for prompt, reliable and friendly service. Their delivery process is easy to understand which makes it especially quick to set up deliveries the day of or any future day! Not to mention, their rates are fare and competitive.
I just love these guys!!