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Pharmacy Delivery in Calgary, AB

Flash Express offers you the convenience of bringing your pharmacy requirements when you need them and where you need them. Adhering to your medications and keeping your health routine on track can be easier with our reliable Flash Express delivery service.

Sometimes we postpone that all-important trip to the pharmacy for a variety of valid reasons. Are you unable to drive? No time to change your schedule? No one to babysit the kids while you go across town to fill your prescription? Too ill to make that trip to the pharmacy across town? If can’t make it to the pharmacy, the perfect solution is here.

Your Top-Level Pharmacy Choice for Pharmacy Delivery

At Flash Express Delivery, we recognize how important it is to provide the best range of health care and pharmacy products conveniently.

Our dedicated team is focused on your pharmacy needs streamlining the process from ordering to delivery, so you need not come out especially for your medicine and health product needs.

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Pharmacy Delivery Plus ++

Nothing can compare to our citywide pharmacy delivery service. It is the most comprehensive menu of ordering options and support facilities so you save time and money when buying your pharmacy needs.

More Time for Life


The added convenience of a pharmacy at your fingertips will help you manage any medication that you regularly maintain. Never run out of basic over-the-counter medicine and basic home medicine essentials. But if you do, Flash Express  will speedily deliver your needs. The Flash Express  service allows you to save time and money with our wide range of pharmacy products and medicines which are top quality and priced affordably.

Pharmacy Delivery – Fast and Free Citywide


Flash Express  takes your health supplies needs seriously. Delivery citywide is free and fast.

Getting your delivery within a preferred time window is also available by booking in advance so you never miss getting your important medicines or waste valuable time waiting for your order to arrive.

Dedicated Partners


Because we care, Flash Express  has partnered with the most efficient pharmacies in Calgary who possess qualified personnel assigned to fulfill your pharmacy delivery needs. Your orders are dispatched by our receiving team to the dispensary where they are filled by appropriately qualified staff. Orders are rechecked before they are speedily delivered by dedicated delivery drivers to your doorstep.

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We are here to make your deliveries a lot easier.

We are one of Calgary’s most respected citywide pharmacy courier companies.

Organized Orders Through Our Pharmacy Partners

Filling prescription medication is facilitated by the pharmacies in Calgary that we deliver for.  You can sign-up for on their website or apps that helps you track when you are due for a refill. A list of our partners we deliver for: